Tecnifibre Squash Strings

Tecnifibre 305+ 16 / 1.30mm or 17 / 1.20mm

Brand New! The 305+ string falls directly in the middle of the 305 and X-One in all aspects of its playability.

Tecnifibre 305 Premium 16 / 1.30mm or 17 / 1.20mm


  • 400% elasticity for performance.
  • Anti abrasion coating for durability.
  • Mulitfilament construction for power.
  • Colour : Green.
  • Gauge : 16 / 1.30mm : 17 / 1.20mm : 18 / 1.10mm

Tecnifibre 305 is one of the best squash strings on the market today. It is used by many of the worlds top professional players including Ramy Ashour and Alistar Walker. 305 is of multifilament construction and is combined with the highest percentage of PU (45%) for maximum comfort.

The fact that this string is used by many of the professional players on tour today speaks for itself. It is also very popular amougst high standard club players due to its great feel and control. An excellent all round string and an alternative to Ashaway’s Powernick and Supernick XL.

This is a multifilament string. This string has no centre core, but instead is made up from multifibres which are then coated for added protection. Multifilament strings are very similar in construction to Natural Gut, therefore they offer both excellent playability and shock absorption, making them a good choice with players with tennis elbow. They do however tend to lose tension more quickly than a string with a centre core.

Tecnifibre X-One Biphase 1.18mm


  • Used by professional players.
  • Elastyl and Biphase technologies.
  • Ultimate performance string.
  • Colour : Red.
  • Gauge : 18 / 1.18mm

Tecnifibre’s X-One Biphase is a multifilament squash string that is used by many of world’s best players including Thierry Lincou and Wael El Hindi.

This string combines both Tecnifibre’s Elastyl and Biphase technologies. Elastyl is a technology that gives the player 12% more elasticity that a standard polyamide, resulting in more power for the player and more string resistance.

The Biphase process results in the string being ‘pre-stretched’ which allows for a 20% increase in durability.

A superb squash string that, combined with Tecnifibre’s ‘PU 400 Inside’, results in a string that provides the player with ulimtate all round performance.