Tecnifibre Tennis Strings

Tecnifibre BlackCode 16 (1.28mm) / 17 (1.24mm)


  • High quality copolymer monofilaments.
  • Produces power and holds tension.
  • Pentagonal structure produces spin.
  • Colour : Black.
  • Gauge : 16 / 1.28mm or 17 / 1.24mm

Black Code is an excellent new string from Tecnifibre’s Polyester Range.
It features a 3rd generation polyester with a pentagonal cross-section and a co-polyester core for ultimate durability.

Its key benefits are :-

Flexibility –  less shock on impact compared to 2nd generation polyesters.
Tolerant – less risk of premature breakages from off center hits due to wider sweetspot.
Spin – more spin is generated due to pentagonal structure

This string is an ideal string for hard hitters and chronic string breakers. It offers a more flexible feel than many other polyester strings on the market, producing less shock to the player. It is also an ideal string to be used as the mains in a Hybrid set.

This is a monofilament string which is a solid one piece construction of extruded polyester. Polyester strings are very durable, however they offer less feel and power to the player than other strings. A racket strung with Polyester generally loses tension more quickly, therefore many players have them strung at a higher initial tension.

Tecnifibre Pro RedCode 16 (1.30mm) / 17 (1.25mm)


  • Increased durability.
  • High quality copolymer monofilaments.
  • Excellent power and holds tension.
  • Limited shock from over tension.
  • Colour : Red.
  • Gauge : 16 / 1.30mm or 17 / 1.25mm.

Tecnifibre Pro RedCode is a monofilament string featuring a co-polyester core giving ultimate durability. An extra polyester coating gives increased durability over standard polyester strings and makes it easy to string. Due to a soft feel it allows for added control and holds tension well.

This string is an ideal string for hard hitters and chronic string breakers. It offers a softer feel than many other polyester strings on the market, allowing for more control to compliment the power that can be generated from the string.

Tecnifibre Multifeel 16 (1.30mm) or 17 (1.25mm)

  • 400% elasticity for ultimate performance.
  • Anti abrasion coating for increased durability.
  • Mulitfilaments enhances dynamic performance
  • Central monofilament increases durability.
  • Colour : Pearl Grey.
  • Gauge : 16 / 1.30mm or 17 / 1.25mm

Multifeel uses Tecnifibre’s multifilament technology with polyester core fibres and the patented PU400 technology. This gives the player the comfort and power in a more durable string.

This is one of the most commonly used constructions and consists of a thin monofilament core with a single layer of fibres twisted around the outside. The solid core gives durability and reduces tension loss, whilst the outer single wrap protects the core and improves playability of the standard monofilament string.

If you are looking for a string that offers excellent comfort and feel, without the high price, then this would be a string to consider. Due to the comfort it provides, it is popular amougst players who suffer from tennis elbow. It also offers excellent control and durability.