Tension Guide

Here at Stringing Solutions we like to make your decision on what tension to have your racket strings an easy one. As a general rule, the lower the tension the more power you can generate and the higher the tension, the more control and spin you can generate. Every racket will have a manufacturers recommended tension range.

If you are looking for a good balance of control and power, then having your racket strung in the middle of this range is a good starter point and this is a popular choice for many club & recreational players. For more power you should try having the tension dropped by a few pounds, towards the lower end of the recommended tension range and likewise, to gain more control and spin, increase the tension by a few pounds, towards the higher end of the recommended range.

For manufacturer warranty purposes it is strongly advised that you never have your strings tensioned outside of these recommended ranges.

Another thing you may want to consider is that looser strings increases the ‘sweet spot’ on the racket meaning the impact felt in the racket arm and shoulder is reduced. If you suffer from tennis elbow or other such injuries, then this maybe is a factor in your choice of string tension.